Real Estate Agency in Perth and who we are!

When it comes to real estate, you want to know you have the best equipped team on your side. You are dealing with your biggest asset and investment, so your team needs to value your property, as though it was their own and you as if you were family.

Family values are an important part of the philosophy at Martino Property Group Real Estate Agency. Originally founded by Michael Martino and Christopher Tana as a boutique family business Real Estate Agency , we aim to set a higher standard of real estate services in Perth. As a full service real estate agency, Martino Property Group provides comprehensive support to buyers, sellers and property investors.

The real estate professionals at Martino Property Group are loyal, honest and dedicated to furthering their client’s best interests. They have the drive, determination and expertise to make the buying, selling and renting (leasing) process faster and easier. With extensive knowledge of the local area and of shifting trends of the local, regional and national market, Martino Property Group is ready to serve you.

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