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Alcohol & Food and Your Pop Up

Hosting a pop-up shop is a great way to build brand awareness, loyalty and sales. If you’re looking for ways to make your space really pop then serving food and drink can yxux0w7iitwb0nduvx9ework really well, especially for short stays and launches. There are of course certain rules and regulations which must be followed to avoid fines and space violations.

These include planning approvals, health and environment standards, local government schemes and building codes and this guide aims to direct you in the right direction when it comes to getting the required approvals.

Liquor Licences

No matter which space you’re looking to launch your idea in, there are certain state and national laws, rules and regulations which govern the consumption, serving and sale of alcohol. Popupshopup always encourages you to err on the side of caution by contacting your local Liquor Authority for detailed answers to your queries.

Whether or not you need a liquor licence largely depends on your idea, event, purpose and intention. For example, serving alcohol at an art exhibition may not require any form of licence due to the size of the event and space whereas if you’re looking to operate a pop up bar or food establishment that serves alcohol then you will certainly require a licence to do so.food truck

Most states offer the option to obtain an Occasional/Temporary Liquor licence. This licence allows you to supply and sell liquor to people attending an event or function. An occasional liquor licence can be granted to authorise the sale of liquor for a function being held over a few hours or a number of days.

Useful Links & Resources

Western Australia
Governing Body: Department of Racing, Gambling and Liquor
Contact: (08) 9425 1888

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