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Preparing your home for sale- we know it can be a daunting process, but in hindsight a lot of these tips will help you to sell your home faster. ho

I’m not going to tell you to detach yourself from your home but it’s a great time to start the packing process, it’s very difficult for someone to imagine themselves living there if it’s full of your personal belongings.

The same applies for clutter, it can be very distracting and not everyone will appreciate your love of books or model cars.

Oversized furniture can misrepresent a rooms dimensions and make a space appear much smaller than it actually is but if you do have small rooms then think about decorating with furniture that is less obtrusive e.g. a glass coffee table rather than a heavy, timber one or a simple couch and arm chair instead of a large three piece suite.

If you have a beautiful view of the garden or a stunning picture window hiding behind heavy drapes, then get rid of the drapes. I’ve seen an entertainment unit placed in front of a gorgeous fireplace! If possible, a fresh coat of paint is always a plus but this is not the time to express yourself with colour.

home If necessary and time (and funds) permit to undertake renovations, the kitchen and bathrooms take priority. Buy the best appliances and fittings you can afford and keep tiling simple, a white subway tile in the kitchen and large white matt tiles to the bathroom are safe options.


Break out the tool box and fix the dripping kitchen faucet or loose door handles.

Clean! Your home should be sparkling, this includes light fittings and walls (sugar soap does wonders to remove scuff marks and grime) ensure there are no lingering pet or food smells, have a friend pop in do the sniff test.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that none of the above matters and that potential buyers will look past the clutter and purple accent walls but the reality is…they don’t.





Michelle Parrish

Interior Designer
Sales Executive


For more information you can call Michelle on 0416 933 474, or if you are thinking of selling you can email her on to book in a FREE Market Appraisal!


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