Perth CBD Offices

As the Perth office market shows signs of a recovery, landlords continue to improve amenities in a bid to attract and retain tenants.

Competitive rates and lease incentives are encouraging many tenants to upgrade to premium and A-grade office space, while others who relocated to suburban buildings during the heady days of the mining boom are returning to the CBD.

Tenants are going into better quality buildings because the deals are so good. They want to be in a good location, near public transport. They want access to food and beverage outlets, end-of trip facilities, a creche, gymnasium and other wellness-style offers, and they want the building to have good technology, communications, airconditioning – everything a modern building should offer.

“In the normal market, you have to pay a premium for these types of facilities but in this market, you don’t have to pay very much more.”

Offices are becoming more inviting so workers want to spend time there.

Several buildings along prime St Georges Terrace real estate, such as Allendale Square, QV1 and London House, have opted for makeovers. Revamped lobbies and forecourts, new end-of-trip facilities, expanded food and retail outlets, gymnasiums and even a community garden are among the improvements.

Employee wellbeing had become a focus, with office design providing spaces that enabled people to perform at their best and move around rather than being anchored to their desks.

Technology has reached the point where you don’t need to come in to the office, so you need to make the office more inviting – anything to keep people in the office space longer to get that extra bit of productivity and make them feel like they belong.



  • Shared, club-like environments and communication hubs.
  • End-of- trip facilities including showers, bike storage and lockers.
  • Gym and wellness centres.
  • Sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs.
  • Laundry facilities, such as washers, dryers and ironing boards.
  • Bringing the outdoors in, through displays of greenery.


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