The Strata Titles Amendment Bill and the Community Titles Bill will be delivered to Parliament by mid-2018 and Landgate are preparing to release the two final consultation drafts of the Bills in early 2018.

Those two final consultation drafts and their content are:

  • Termination of schemes (Strata Titles Amendment Bill)
  • Community Titles Bill (tenure portion)

The estimated date of release for these drafts is early February 2018. The Community Titles consultation draft is expected to be over 300 pages in length and will include all aspects of the creation community title schemes including the planning and development framework.

Landgate has advised they are planning to allow for a 30 day consultation period. However, this could be reduced if there is any delay in the consultation drafts being completed.

The only core elements of the Bills that will not be released for consultation due to time constraints are:

  • Community Titles Bill: Community title management, dispute resolution, seller disclosure and termination will all be based upon the same concepts from the Strata Titles Amendment Bill.
  • Leasehold strata: Leasehold strata will be consulted upon informally. Landgate will consult by releasing a detailed position paper that explains leasehold strata concepts and terms. Expected date of release is before March 2018 and consultation period will be two weeks.

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