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Living Room Tips – Endlessly scrolling through pinterest and flicking through the pages of home-style magazines has left us with a serious case of home envy but it also serves an educational purpose.

We have done our research and sourced a list of tricks of the trade to make a space pop. Try these at home to give your living room new life!

  • Looking for coziness? Try pulling your furniture away from the walls. It creates a cozy feel and the room can feel more spacious.
  • Do you really need a big coffee table? Either downsize to something that is easy to move around or use an ottoman. When you need it for a table you can bring out a fun tray or wooden board to place your drinks and food on. When you don’t it can be used as extra seating.
  • Mix textures and different pieces to add something unexpected to the room.
  • Start off with white then add in colour. Mixing the right colours can make your living room inviting and harmonious.
  • Every room can benefit from a touch of gold or rose gold
  • Black & white always works. Always.
  • Room still feel like it’s lacking? Add plants!

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