Halve Cleaning Time

Halve Cleaning Time with these 10 tips!

I used to get so frustrated – I swear, by a Monday night all that hard work and effort I put into my ritual Saturday morning cleaning session is obliterated.
I mean, how does a house get so trashed within 2 days?
That laundry basket was empty, there was no ironing to do, my shower screen was gleaming, and my jarrah floor boards looked like they had just been professionally polished.
Well, I’m here to share some tips that help to reduce my cleaning time & help keep the abode clean for longer than two days.


A nifty hack I came across FB a few years back.
To keep my shower screen completely transparent for a solid month I use WD40.
Yep, good ol’ WD40. $6 from your local Bunnings store (or scavenge the back shed.)
Spray onto a dry shower screen, then wipe it off in a circular motion with some CHUX or a cloth.
Then watch the water roll off while you’re showering!



So I had bought this amazing Hoover vacuum cleaner… amazing, the suction was so strong I had issues cleaning my rugs as they would just get stuck into the mouth of the vacuum. About two birthdays ago Hubby bought me a stick Vacuum (duster buster) I was Fuming …….I know ungrateful, but “I already have a vacuum” kept running through my head.
But this little sucker saved me so much time. No cords and a perfect height. It saved me having to lug out my Hoover about…… 25 times a day, Ha!



Well, this is easy…. I personally invested in a steam cleaner.
Not only did it halve my ironing time in half, it also gave our clothes that dry cleaned looked.
Now, this tip here is my secret weapon, once steamed I lay our shirts, tops, Jackets, dresses etc. flat on top of each other.
I then get all the coat hangers, insert them in one by one and pick them up all at once and hang them straight into the wardrobe.
No more folding and unfolding! Yay



Ladies & gents we are all guilty of this. How much hair do we find on that damn bathroom floor after a good Blow dry or straightening sesh?
I lay a beach towel on my floor prior, then I pick it up and air it out over the back balcony after my hair looks fabulous.



Sooo, I was under the assumption everyone did this but, nope…
I always lay an empty shopping bag open on my kitchen bench and peel veggies, Crack eggs etc. straight into the bag.
Also works well if you have a little kitchen compost bin. Gets rid of all those stray cucumber skins we find on the kitchen floor!



Ok, Bolognese sauce, Frying etc. equals oil splatter, and I tell you what.. I hate having to wipe that splash back down every night!
My work buddy gave me a great tip which works every time I’m making something that creates a bit of a mess…. Cling Wrap.
Yep, Line your splash back with a bit of cling wrap and then peel that sucker off and throw it away!
Halves your Kitchen cleaning in half, another oldie but a goodie is to line your stove top with alfoil. Just cut out some circles to accommodate for the burners.
I also line the bottom of my oven with alfoil too and replace it fortnightly.



Pine’O Fresh in the bottom of your toilet brush holder is a god send….especially if there are males in the house #sorrynotsorrymate



So instead of using up half my damn day (and energy) scrubbing oven racks, I let them soak in a cheapo large vacuum sealer bag from the reject shop with some ammonia.
Guaranteed that all the grime just washes away after 30 mins.
You only need to use about a Cap Full. Once secure in a bag wash it around so it manages to get into every nook & cranny, then let it soak.
Wear gloves & a face mask while handling the ammonia.



A little bit of CLR, an elastic band or hair tie and bag go along way, my friend!
Dilute CLR in the bag with a bit of warm water, pop it onto your shower head, make sure that it is fully submerged in the CLR concoction and tie a lacky band around it.
I leave it on for about an hour, take it off and run some water through the shower head.
I wipe the top of my shower head with a stainless steel polish wipe.
That baby will gleam for a good month.



I start my Saturday morning clean in the same room every weekend, then work through room by room. I don’t vacuum every room individually, I wait till I’ve finished all the rooms, then give it a massive vacuum and mop. I also have a bucket that I fill with all my cleaning gear that I bring to each room.

Now while it sometimes feels a lot easier to just kick the family out and live in a clean house forever, I will miss them. One last tip, I “trained” (yep I said and I don’t really care) my little one into thinking cleaning was a game. Ha-ha, and guess what I still do!
You would not believe how fast she puts away her toys from the living just room by saying
“I bet you can’t put your Lego in the box in 30 seconds”….and done.


Stefani Djaveroski

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