First Home Owners Grant Advice

First Home Owners Grant Advice

First Home Buyers!

Are you confused about the First Home Owners Grant?

We sat down with the director of WEST END Settlements, Erica Settineri to ask her what’s on every bodies mind and to give First Home Owners Grant Advice

We have so many people confused with the FHOG, whether they are eligible, what the extra “boost” is? do they qualify if they are in a defacto relationship? etc, they continue to ask questions but not get straight answers in laymen’s terms. So we invited our good friend Erica over to our office to help us better understand the first home buyers grant!

Thank you for clearing a few things up Erica!

Watch the video below!


If you have any questions in regards to the Grant or would like some more advice, please feel free to contact our office on 08 9443 7088.



Michael Martino Director Martino Property Group



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